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Street Sheets

Cover More Ground

Create more presence with wildposting-style coverage in a targeted area using legally compliant locations. Often situated in areas where other OOH formats don’t have zoning, we utilize and access our top-tier real estate locations in hot spots around a city to bring a more premium offering to the table. These can be a mix of media from window sites to billboards, focused on areas where influencers live, work, and play. These clutter-free, high impact locations were always on the radar for most advertisers but virtually unreachable, until now.


Other Products


Large scale, signature,
polished silver frame,
eye-level street canvases..


Retail storefront windows doubling as
high visibility ad spaces.


Street level walls or urban
fences, perfect for continual
brand messages.
Bring more
to the message

At LURE, we believe in pushing the boundaries of traditional OOH advertising. We also welcome the challenge of executing interactive ads.


Some favorite interactive, experiential media projects we’ve executed for clients.


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