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Catch All The Eyes

One thing we've learned is that a billboard can be the biggest and the flashiest, but if it’s in the wrong place, it can still get overlooked. Our signature silver polished frame, billboards are not only in busy locations but in areas where the line of sight comes naturally. Whether your ad is a single image or multiple transit-sized visuals, our priority remains premium street viewability.


Other Products


Retail storefront windows doubling as
high visibility ad spaces.


Street level walls or urban
fences, perfect for continual
brand messages.
Bring more
to the message

At LURE, we believe in pushing the boundaries of traditional OOH advertising  with full coverage, wild posting-like packages. We also welcome the challenge of executing interactive ads.

Street Sheets


Street Sheets

LURE’s Street Sheet packages completely elevate the entire concept of Wild Postings. These clean, high-end options guarantee that you’re never sharing space with another advertiser, or running afoul of local law.



Some favorite interactive, experiential media projects we’ve executed for clients.


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