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At LURE we have a remarkably simple goal, to place your ads where people will see them.

As a savvy CNN writer once noted:

"'King Kong' is highly unrealistic. Not because of the ape climbing the Empire State Building, but the fact that New Yorkers noticed. New Yorkers do not look up. Ever.”

With this in mind, our plant developed out of the sidewalk, where advertisers get the most bang for their buck.  The results have been a lot of happy customers.

Lure unites industry veterans -- obsessed with acquiring and delivering the very best.  We love what we do, we have fun doing it and strive every day to wow our clients.  Agility in media asset acquisition, customer service and execution set us apart in a crowded industry. Last-minute requests, hyper-targeting and accessibility are our specialties.


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Eye-Level Billboards

When it comes to billboards, the Out of Home industry has long decided that size matters.  We agree, yet we also know that a billboard the size of football field might have the same impact as a "missing cat” flyer if it’s positioned somewhere in the clouds.  That’s why our eye-level billboards make their home right where you can reach out and touch them. Positioned on some of the busiest thoroughfares, our signature polished frames grip ads around the edges, creating sharp, clean mega-canvases.  You can choose to display a single, massive image, or line the street with a zoetrope of transit-sized ads that follow pedestrians as they move.  Form and function, super-sized.

Street Sheets

A LURE creation, street sheets are transit sized displays which utilize the power of retail windows, transforming them into dynamic ad space.  Many locations can also be formatted as large, contiguous windowscapes.

Reach the unreachable.  We’ve all heard the old cliche, "Location Location Location."  OOH advertisers have plenty of options, but they all have something in common: they are either located in narrow, billboard-approved zoning pockets, or they are small in size and limited to public transit routes and payphone grids.  Most areas where residents live, work, eat and play have been off limits.

Street Sheets set out to change that- bringing higher impact, eye-level, legally compliant ad spaces to the clutter-free neighborhoods that advertisers want, but could never reach.  Quite simply, the ultimate targeting tool, complementing any media plan with must-have geography.

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